How to Read a Speech @ TED


To Read a Speech or not to Read a Speech is a question many people ask themselves when facing the task of presenting information to any group large or small, business, professional, academic or pleasure. 

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Speakers: young & leading @ TED


Speakers are starting young & sharing with confidence. This video shows us that people of any age can have something to say and a willingness to say it.

In this TEDx event a young 6th Grade student shows us how easy it is. Conversationally engaging us with eye contact and stage movement, he[Read More]

“The Fear of Speaking”

“The Fear of Speaking -
Toxic Phrase, Toxic Results”

 Words mean more than those we say and so it is with the phrase “the Fear of Speaking.” It’s a familiar, socially acceptable, and convenient phrase to explain away one’s reluctance to engage in Public Speaking. And it’s the very common use and acceptance of the phrase that does more to produce less from a majority of citizens by discouraging 

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“Globalization: a Challenge for Japan”

Globalization Presents a Challenge for Japan:

is there a Solution?

A White Paper hosted at

Japan has a dynamic economy, now rated #3 in the world. But Globalization has increased competition and other Asian countries are actively pursuing their own economic agendas. Japanese producers are feeling the heat of competition and it’s coming from inside not outside this Asian giant. ~read more @

Show#33- A Recap

This recap looks at some of the important techniques and skills we’ve examined in the past year. Competence & Confidence in Public Speaking, and generally Speaking in Public, is a decision point when Companies are evaluating new candidates.

Your future earnings…… [Read More]

Speaking and Leadership @ TED

Stanley McChrystal, former US Commanding General in Afghanistan, speaks at a TED event. This video demonstrates several Teaching Points that will elevate Your Delivery skills. Let’s discover what they are-

1.  One point is his voice. It’s not silky smooth, it’s very…… [Read More]