Global VoiceOver & Narration

A few VoiceOver Clients:

Tom j Dolan communicates your message to a Global Audience

in easy to understand accent-free Global English. Is your business effectively engaged in the largest Global Marketplace that has ever existed? How’s your current image working for you?

Have Conversations, Make Friends,

Build Trust, Earn Customers


What the Audience Remembers:
It’s not What you say,
It’s How you make them feel.

TjD/ Variety in Substance & Style.

• eTraining~ ebooks, video, audio, in-house.

Medical ~ Procedures, Training, Devices, Pharmaceuticals.

• Hi-Tech ~ “How-to Build it, Repair it, Teach it, Use it, Market it”

• Education ~ CD-DVD, ESL, TOEIC & TOEFL Training.

• Corporate ~ Staff Training, Sales, HR, Marketing.

• Media ~  Web Ads, TV, Informercials.

• New Product ~ Marketing, Demonstration,Training, PoP.

• Travel ~ Smart Phone/ iPad Tours, In-flight Entertainment.

• Trade Shows, Conferences ~ Audio for a Global Audience.

2015 Audio Sample

A Voice for every Project

SAG-AFTRA:  Tom j Dolan is a career member of this American performers Guild with Headquarters in Hollywood & New York.

Can I Record for you? Tell me about your Production:
  • Project type: e-training, marketing, Web, Tour, 
  • Audience: General, Targeted, Age range.
  • Estimated running time
  • Script Need Professional Editing?
  • Voice Dubbing
  • Audio delivery date
  • Audio Recording Budget 

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