Winston Churchill – Speaking

Churchill-VWinston Churchill once said: “A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.”

“Take this advice to heart. Even highly gifted speakers like Churchill would never ask an audience to listen for more than 25 minutes or so. Extending a presentation beyond half an hour will stretch any group’s attention span.”   ~Richard Branson

So, exactly how long is long enough? Well…

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Speaking and Leadership @ TED

Stanley McChrystal, former US Commanding General in Afghanistan, speaks at a TED event. This video demonstrates several Teaching Points that will teach you something about Speaking and Leadership. Let’s discover what they are-

1.  One point is his voice. It’s not silky smooth, it’s very… [Read More]

Tell a Story

In this TED Presentation, Rob Harmon tells a story, a really good story, and although it involves him, it’s not about him. Stories can win over the Hearts-n-Minds of your audience.  And Personal Stories…they’re even better. Why you ask? Well,… [Read More]

Show#19- “3 Ways to Become a Trusted Speaker”

“Know-Like-Trust” generates millions of responses on a Google search. Of the 3 terms, “Trust” is the one most valued, most sought after, most difficult to earn.

Do you want to be acknowledged to be a Trusted Speaker? Of course. In fact you need to be a Trusted Speaker if you intend to make a difference in people’s lives, influence decisions, change opinions, and, most importantly, develop Support for your goals.

In this Show, we’ll look at 3 strategies that you, as …… [Read More]

Show#16 – Speaking with Stories

Speaking with Stories adds a new dimension to your Presentation. Stories, especially if they reveal a personal experience, can generate greater empathy and support for both you and your Reason for Speaking.

Storytelling is hot in Speaking and Presentations. Telling stories has experienced an increase in… [Read More]

Show#12- The “Penguin Expert”

Audience Analysis is part of your Speaking & Presentation preparedness. Best practice suggests that you should collect information about your Audience. On the other hand, it’s important to keep this task in proper perspective. You may be somewhat clairvoyant but you can’t predict the Penguin Expert … [Read More]