Speaking and Leadership @ TED

Stanley McChrystal, former US Commanding General in Afghanistan, speaks at a TED event. This video demonstrates several Teaching Points that will teach you something about Speaking and Leadership. Let’s discover what they are-

1.  One point is his voice. It’s not silky smooth, it’s very…… [Read More]

Tell a Story @ TED

In this TED Presentation, Rob Harmon tells a story, a really good story, and although it involves him, it’s not about him. Stories can win over the Hearts-n-Minds of your audience.  And Personal Stories…even better. Why? … [Read More]

Show#19- “3 Ways to Become a Trusted Speaker”

You need to be a Trusted Speaker if you want to make a difference, influence decisions, change opinions, and develop Supporters.

In this Show, we’ll look at 3 ways… [Read More]

Show#16 – Speaking with Stories

Speaking with Stories adds a new dimension to your Presentation. A Story especially about You can generate greater empathy and support for both you and your Reason for Speaking.

Storytelling has recently experienced an increase in interest… [Read More]

Show#12- The Audience & the “Penguin Expert”

Audience Analysis is part of Speaking & Presentation preparedness. It’s true, You do want to collect information about your Audience, but, it’s important to keep this task in proper perspective. You can’t predict a Penguin expert.

This Show suggests 3-points when preparing to meet your Audience:… [Read More]

Show#5. “A Win-Win For Speakers”

Volunteer Organizations are a win-win for Speakers. They provide an opportunity to Get Involved & Make a Difference in someone’s life. But they also provide you, the Professional or beginning Speaker, an opportunity to improve your Speaking skills and… [Read More]