Show#10- “I Hate My Voice”

“That’s my voice? It doesn’t even sound like me…”

Don’t like the Sound of your Voice? Many people don’t. I didn’t always like the sound of my voice. The result is that you then can use your Voice as another excuse for not Speaking at social & business events. If you never fully engage situations that can open doors to a brighter future, you lose many… 

opportunities to effect change in your life path, or in the lives of others. In this show, you’ll discover that most people can change the way their voice sounds. There are many resources available to You, but before you feverishly investigate the suggestions that follow, here’s a good idea,

Did you know that there’s a very simple solution for many people and it’s this: If you will pick an article or essay or part of a book that you like and PRACTICE reading out-loud.

Reading out-loud is one of the least used techniques for improving your Speaking but it is one of the least used. Repeat often, but practice daily if you can for 5-10 minutes. The fact is this: as you gain familiarity with the reading material, you gain confidence and when you gain confidence, your anxiety is reduced. The result, there will be a change in the sound of your voice. Don’t believe me?

Use your tablet or smart phone to record your readings. Over time, even a week or so of daily reading, you should begin to hear a different you. Now, here’s the suggestions for more assistance:

  • A Speaking Coach, or a Vocal Coach that has experience with Speakers.
  • Books? I believe that Speaking is learned by doing rather than by reading. But a look at Dale Carnegie Books is rewarding and might be worth your time.
  • If you want pre-packaged training, explore the Samuel French Bookstore in Hollywood. A unique entertainment bookstore with very complete Performance materials, one of my favorites, and the last of a dying breed of local shops.

You can Learn to Love Your Unique Voice.

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