Show#11- On the Job Training -“OJT”

You will become a skillful Speaker by Speaking, not simply by Reading about it. You should actively take advantage of Speaking opportunities, big and small. And too, practice good speaking techniques, repeatedly, at every opportunity big and small. There are many opportunities that allow you, even encourage
you to Speak. When you discover those opportunities please take advantage of them. When You do that, you’ll build your skills and develop your Confidence, step by step, risk by risk. 

OJT is a reliable concept to help you advance your speaking skills. Together with some personalized training, for example “Performance of Speaking” Online training you will advance your Skills rapidly. To make a commitment to a capable Speaker is quite easy, if you can see the life-long rewards.

Today, everyone is involved with wi-fi and online activity. And yet, there is still a need for personal contact. The opportunity to advocate for a cause, educate with new information, inform others about a solution to a long-term issue.

The opportunities for Speaking have not been reduced by the web. In fact the opportunities have expanded. There is so much information pumped out daily, that people are anxious to have someone make sense out of any small piece of it. Why not you?

Do you want to build a life of challenge and reward? Speak.

OJT provides an opportunity to build your Confidence & Skills.
Take advantage of it – Excel!

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