Show#13- “Presentation Gold”

Presentations are a central part of life for many: people in business, corporate, professionals, academics, medical staff and so many more. At any time they’re addressing all kinds of organizations, Business, Social, Political, and Non-profits, etc. Speakers must consider how Best to

influence a particular audience. A good Verbal Presentation plus Visuals: Slides, Graphs, Charts, Videos, and Handouts are all part of the Presenters tools of the trade. But is that Presentation gold? Is that enough investment in a Presentation, or should there be more to it?

Well, here’s another point often overlooked by the Speaker and that is “The Silent Conversation” and it too should be an influence on the Presentations you design and deliver.

There are so many bits of advice for Speakers and Presenters available in books at and in websites all over the web. All of them, well almost all of them, will advise you to ‘know your audience’. That’s good advice. Rarely do you read about the conversation that your audience is having with you.

Oh yes, it’s true that sometimes the audience will communicate some information to you. By leaving in the middle of your Speech or Presentation. Or focusing on their cell phone or wi-fi pad. By napping, or conversly, by shifting around in their seats. This is a type of communication that is readily apparent to a watchful Presenter. It presents to the Presenter, an opportunity to change tactics or language, information, or style of delivery.

But “The Silent Conversation” isn’t visible. There’s no indication what is being considered, the opinions being formed, the decisions about you and your topic(they do go hand-in-hand). This video will expand on this topic:

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“The Silent Conversation”
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