Show#14- “How to Read a Speech Successfully”

Read a Speech? It’s rarely recommended but sometimes it’s necessary. Even seasoned Speakers have difficulty sounding conversational, almost always sounding like they’re reading it rather than saying it or telling it to us, the audience.

If you keep in mind one of my basic Truths: “All Speaking is a Conversation” you will already be mentally prepared to

deliver your Presentation in a more friendly, appealing style. Your audience will respond positively to your efforts. If you’re looking for support, this is worth your time and effort to learn.

Here’s a link to a Speech delivered by Steve Jobs at a Stanford Graduation. Well, it was nicely received, this is Steve Jobs after all, speaking to his core group of supporters in his own backyard.

And yet it seems to me, he would have had more resonance with the Audience if he had Spoken his Story instead of Reading his Story to the students. Watch it, think about the delivery connection, then you decide.

This show discusses some techniques, all of them learnable, that will help you over the invisable barrier that you create when you elect to read-a-speech. That distance that you create between you and the audience can very easily be eliminated by you when you apply some of these skills.

 Speaking skills will help you build Successful connections.

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