Show#16 – Speaking with Stories

Once upon a time there was a…

Speaking with Stories adds a new dimension to your Presentation. Stories, especially if they reveal a personal experience, can generate greater empathy and support for both you and your Reason for Speaking.

Storytelling is hot in Speaking and Presentations. Telling stories has experienced an increase in

incorporation by Professional Speakers and Presenters. Why? Because, they’ve learned the Power of Storytelling. Professionals know that including one or more stories in a Presentation generates more audience support.

They’ve learned how to include them effectively and you can learn the techniques too. More than that, you should learn how to use stories. Today’s audience expects to hear them.

A website that is dedicated to Storytelling and seems like a worthwhile place to visit is slideshare. It looks like a good place to get guidance about story-telling that you can apply to your next Speaking event.

In this video, I’ll share a Personal story that, well, changed my perspective and proved a point to me. It’s a not-so-personal example to encourage you.

Your Audience expects to hear a story or 2 from you,
Learn how to give them what they want.
Well told Stories can win-over your Audience.

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