Show#2. 2 Mic’s, 1 Rule

Can’t live without them and they’re everywhere: microphones

2 Mic’s, 1 Rule for professional & safe Microphone use. The growing popularity of Video Chat and On-line Conferencing has increased the need to work with Microphones for many people. So let’s look at 2 types of Microphones you’re most likely to use learn how to use them, and then I’ll give you the #1 Rule you should never forget.

1.  The first Mic, an Audio Technica ATR3350 is called a Lavallière mic and is commonly used by newscasters & people being interviewed on-camera. Placement on Your body is critical for good sound.

2.  The second Mic a SHURE 565SD, technically called a ‘Dynamic’ mic, is used in concerts and at meetings. It’s similar to the well-known Shure SM58.sm58 mic

3. A Dynamic mic may have a round wind screen, it looks like a ‘ball’ on the top-end as the one in this show, but can also be a straight tube, black or chrome, with or without an on/off switch.

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