“How to Gain Confidence Through Speaking”

“How to Gain Confidence Through Speaking”Article hosted on Scribd.com

Can’t I simply read a book to gain Confidence in Public Speaking? Well, as long as you asked, I honestly have to say, No, not really.  I know I’m probably offending many authors, educators, and publishing companies that sell other viewpoints and profitable Speaking Tools. But my opinion is based on personal experience Teaching & Coaching many clients and classes, both in the US and in Japan.humanoid speaker

Public Speaking and Presentations are physical, active, interactive, and frequently….[Read More]

note/before you spend any money on any training, make sure you know what it is you really want to accomplish. Although I work with students of all ages with various educational backgrounds, the one point you cannot get from a book, cd, dvd, YouTube video(even mine), is the judgement call, the professional opinion that says: You got it! That’s it. That’s the way it “feels”. When you want to achieve that result, repeat that action.  -At some point you must risk getting in front of someone, preferably a smallish group and working it out. This stuff is learnable. Go read the article and decide from there.

Speaking is “Being in the Moment” with an audience of any size.

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