Show#3. Comedy & Humor : Not a Laughing Matter

Comedy and Humor is a serious matter for Speakers/

Using Comedy & Humor in your Speaking events & Presentations is often recommended by Trainers, books, and DVD’s. But in today’s globalized environment, this advice carries both assets & liabilities for You the Speaker.

There are valid, serious, and potentially unpleasant aspects of using Comedy and Humor. When, How and Why should you include Comedy or Humor…and how do you make that decision and what’s the best Decision?

This is a comedic subject but with serious implications especially for International Speakers & Presenters. The plain fact is:

Comedy doesn’t travel well.

Jokes barely makes it from region to region in one country. Internationally it’s even more challenging. Pack your Passport, leave the jokes at home is my best advice unless you truly know your target audience.

The impact of the web has to be acknowledged. It’s difficult, and it should be difficult, to make a joke or tell a comedic story about almost anyone or any thing, any longer.

News travel fast. Cultural sensitivities are on high alert. It’s not the “good old days” which I’m not lamenting, simply making a statement of fact which I hope will guide your decision regarding the use of both Comedy and Humor.

Using Comedy & Humor is not always a Laughing Matter
and should never be presented lightly.

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