4) I don’t like the sound of my Voice, can I change it?

Short Answer:   Probably.

Long Answer:   A Speakers Voice is frequently affected by tension in the vocal chords. “My voice too?” Yes, the stress you feel that prevents you from Speaking out in public conversations, or the stress you feel when you do participate in those conversations, can affect your Speaking Voice. Stress typically affects our voice quality. I’ve experienced (Show#10) a definite change in my voice quality when I learned to reduce stress.

Some people will work with a Voice Coach to change the sound of their voice, but,

Before doing that, I suggest you wait to hear what happens to your voice as you build your confidence and begin to relax when Speaking. You’ll likely discover that your voice not only sounds nice but it sounds both pleasant and natural.

The fact is, I’ve met many students that didn’t like their voice until they began to understand how to control it. You don’t have to be embarrassed by your voice. I’m not a Voice Therapist, but the majority of people I’ve worked with don’t need clinical attention. What they need is some Speaking Training, learning skills and building self-confidence. That’s usually the solution for most people.

Performance of Speaking© is a Learnable set of Skills.

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