Show#4. “Stage Fright is a Good Thing!”

Stage Fright by any other name: fear, anxiety, embarrassment, sweaty feelings, or nerves, is a very common issue for Performers. And as a Speaker or Presenter you are a Performer. So, whether you’re Speaking, Presenting, Acting, Singing or Dancing, “performance anxiety” affects most people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time. OK, but what can you do about it, you ask? Well,

In this video you’ll learn how you can control or eliminate Stage Fright, instead of it controlling you and eliminating you from many of life’s brilliant opportunities.

You’ll also discover that some “Stage Fright” is a good thing. In fact  you’ll learn that while some performers recognize the feelings and have learned to work with them, others actually look forward to the feelings. Interesting?

update note// 9-2014Since I first made this video and wrote this blog entry, my experience teaching both in the US and Japan has broadened my understanding of this issue. I have written elsewhere on this website about Stage fright, and I’ll direct you to some of that here.

But in case you’re in a rush to get on I’ll leave you with this thought to take along: I no longer believe that the Fear of Speaking, actually identified as a phobia named Glossophobia, affects most people. Certainly not the 60-70% of Americans that claim they suffer with the Fear of Speaking.

Fear of Speaking” is over-sold, hyped, in books, websites, CD’s, and DVD’s. It is a poisonous phrase that discourages too many people from participating in public discussions where one person advocating can affect a solution that impacts many.

Make a Friend of Fear, embrace every opportunity to Speak

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