A Music Stand @ TED

There are many creative choices that you can make to ensure your message is delivered successfully. ~TjD

A Music Stand…is this a Concert?  No. Joseph Nye, former Assistant Secretary of Defense, and former Dean of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, offers sharp insights into international politics. But that’s not why I’ve chosen to feature him here. Keep in mind, we can learn from the inventive ideas of other Speakers. Now,

Although his topic is interesting and worthy of a TED presentation, nevertheless, I’m hoping you’ll find his creative and skillful use of a Music Stand to be instructive and inspiring.

music stand-2I often suggest using a Lectern, Desk, or Music Stand as a Convenient place to work from. It’s a workstation to hold your notes, water, a laptop, and it serves to ground or anchor you during your Speech or Presentation. And as importantly, it allows you freedom of movement.

Leave your notes, walk away, walk back, glide past checking your notes as you pass by, refresh your memory, then lead your audience further into your Presentation, with Confidence. The Music Stand: one more “tool” for your Speaker’s Toolbox.

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