“Fear of Speaking” – a Point of View?

Publishing? No, this video isn’t about publishing, it is all about Your “Point of View“,

Watch it to the very end – it’s magical…

Whether Point of View, Perspective, or Attitude, regardless of the term we use, we all have one that affects our perception of “What’s possible for me?” And so it is with our consideration of engaging in Public Speaking.

To paraphrase Shakespeare: to Speak or Not to Speak, that is the question, and it’s an important question to ask yourself…Why? well, the answer could be Life-Changing. Yet, once many of us decide that “it” isn’t for me, we rarely revisit that decision.mobius strip

How is it that as we grow and gain experience and perspective, we revert to the same decision we made long ago, for not learning Speaking skills:

FEAR. Of what? – embarassment, failure, judgement, criticism, low self-image. If Fear wins, you lose. You don’t Speak-out, you don’t promote your Passion, you don’t create a Better Future for yourself or anyone else.

When you don’t contribute, you delegate your opinions or ideas to be expressed by other people. Are they doing a really good job for you? This video is about changing your Point of View if you’re willing to take personal responsibility for your ideas, opinions, and solutions.


Performance of Speaking is a Learnable Skill-set.


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