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The Audience Remembers:
Not the words you say, but,
How you make them feel.


Tom j Dolan: “When I first walked in front of a TV camera on a sound-stage in Hollywood I was anxious. I felt embarrassed. I was asking myself “What am I doing here?” I didn’t really feel like an actor. But today, after building a 20+ year professional career in Hollywood & Tokyo, I want to share some of the skills I’ve developed and some lessons I’ve learned with you. And here’s Lesson #1: Speaking is a Learnable skill.

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In all my Training programs, “Performance of Speaking”, “Read2Speak”, and several e-Courses, I teach you the lessons I’ve learned through study, trial-&-error,  on-the-job-training and personal experience(sometimes frightening) to help you overcome your feelings of embarrassment. I share my knowledge, insight, and techniques to help you become a confident & skillful Global communicator using English, the International language. 



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nu lecternExecutives & Professionals in Medicine, Law, Tech, Financials, Education, Business, and others, can influence the lives of people globally by learning & using the most-powerful tool of all:

“Speaking & Presenting in Global English”

About:  Performance of Speaking© is a dynamic Speaking & Presenting program designed to develop technically skilled & confident Speakers. Do you want to skillfully & confidently communicate in English in a multi-lingual Global environment? Now You can!

If this is your goal, know this: any embarrassment you feel when speaking to a group can be replaced by learning and using the fundamental Speaking skills this program teaches.

“Good Speakers are not “born” as Good Speakers,
they’re “trained” to be Good Speakers.” ~~TjD

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About:   Read2Speak  an innovative English speaking program quickly trains non-native English speakers to speak English skillfully, naturally, & Confidently. A program for people who studied English but never had the training to Speak it properly. Now, you will learn the skills of Speaking & Presenting, you will expand your English vocabulary, and improve your English pronunciation.

 “If you can Read English, You can Read2Speak English Today.”

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