7) Can’t I use PowerPoint as the Presentation?

Short Answer:   No.

Long Answer:   The time is passed when a Speaker or Presenter can arrive at a Speaking Event expecting Powerpoint, Keynote, or a Slideshare deck to do the Presenting. Todays’ Audience will no longer accept that decision from a Speaker. If you attempt it, you will annoy the Audience who may well ignore you & your message. You’ll ruin your chance for a successful outcome. So, don’t waste your time or that of the Audience.

If you decide to use any Presentation program like Powerpoint or Keynote, follow the Best Practices of building a Presentation. There are numerous books and websites with suggestions re: best colors, font’s, bullet points, images, etc… do the research.

Powerpoint should Support not “Be” the Presentation

Whatever Presentation program you use, the Presentation should be designed to Support your verbal presentation. The audience came to see-and-hear You deliver the information, and Powerpoint is supporting You. A point to remember: Keep your Back to the Slide-show, not to your Audience.

A Skilled Speaker can succeed even with a weak Presentation, but a weak Speaker, even with a good Presentation, rarely succeeds. What do you want the Audience to Take-away from your Presentation?

Performance of Speaking© is a Learnable set of Skills.

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