1) Can I Overcome My Fear of Speaking?

Short:  Yes, you can overcome your Fear of Speaking.

Long:   Most people Can overcome their fear of speaking, which is experienced by about 60%-70% of Americans. To succeed at Speaking & Presenting, to make a difference in the lives of others, to change some situation and exchange it for something better, You must decide that you want to speak skillfully & confidently at events like community meetings, Business Conferences, Seminars, and Social events.

And it is a personal decision that you make, not a casual phrase such as: I wish I could “Speak like that”or “Gee, if I could only speak like that person”. The fact is, you can learn to “Speak like that” just like so many others have. You can overcome your Fear of Speaking or at least learn to manage it… others do it, why not you?

Once You commit to learning these Life-changing skills, the next step involves finding a  Teacher that can help you learn Speaking skills & techniques. And this Learning has to take place in a supportive environment, otherwise you’ll never overcome your feelings of embarrassment. It’s during these learning sessions or classes or workshops, that you develop the confidence to express your ideas, your feelings, to share your information, or simply, to ask questions.

Learning to communicate in a secure environment like one of my Performance of Speaking workshops is a supportive, positive-attitude, learning experience. You’ll discover that you’re capable of influencing people, teaching others, sharing your experiences that might change their lives… and you’ll discover that you can do it with confidence while you’re having fun! Nice idea isn’t it?

At this point you might want to ask yourself: if others have done it, why not me? Well, why not you?

Performance of Speaking© is a Learnable Set of Skills.

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