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Ilona Szabó de Carvalho is a drug policy and public security specialist from Brazil… but she wasn’t always a social activist. In fact, as you’ll discover in this TED talk, she was working at her chosen career in Banking when she made the decision to leave that behind.

She chose to become involved in two dynamic challenges to Brazilian society: illegal Drugs and Gun violence. She has worked with social and political activists around the globe. She is a founder of the Igarapé Institute, a Brazilian think-and-do tank, and she coordinates the international Global Commission on Drug Policy. All of this radiating from a Decision she made about 10 years ago.

Now let’s look at Ms. de Carvalho as a Speaker and Presenter. What can we learn from her Performance?  

Let’s begin with the very first impression of her. She has chosen to dress in nice-casual attire. How does that image affect your opinion of her? Now keeping that opinion in mind, would your opinion change if she was dressed in jeans & t-shirt? Yes/No? Does her dress fit the occasion and the subject she’s talking about? Personally, I feel it fits perfectly for both her subject matter and the TED venue.

as important to your success as all the other variables of your Speech or Presentation. “Dress to Match” your subject, your topic, and your audience to maximize the results of your Performance.

How about her calm demeanor and her bright smile as she’s waiting to begin. She looks happy to be there, on that stage, with you. Before she says a single word, she positively attracts the audience’s attention. That’s a goal for you to strive for. How?

Know your subject, Know your audience, and
PracticePracticePractice your delivery.

Additionally, her stage movement is calm, not frantic, her body language natural, and her eye-contact is excellent.

Now for all you Global Speakers this most important point: She speaks English with a Brazilian accent. But she speaks clearly and not too rapidly. We have to listen to catch some of her words but it is never a challenge. If English is not your native language, if you are an ESL Speaker you can still communicate effectively if you practice, and if necessary, work with a Speaking Teacher or Coach. 

Our world is getting smaller, You can be a part of it.

Learn the Skills of Speaking.

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