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Are you Effectively interacting with the largest Global Marketplace in History? Is your current imaging…Current?

Communicate your Marketing message to a Global Audience using easy to understand “Conversational” Global-English.


1-min Audio Sample

Communicate, Build Trust, Earn Customers


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 Okinawa Travel Show/ FOX-TV Tokyo Narrator

What the Audience Remembers:
It’s not what you say,

It’s what they Understand,
It’s how you make them feel.

TjD/ Variety in Substance & Style.

• eTraining~ ebooks, video, audio, in-house.

Medical ~ Procedures, Training, Devices, Pharmaceuticals.

• Hi-Tech ~ “How-to Build it, Repair it, Teach it, Use it, Market it”

• Education ~ Multi CD-DVD; ESL, TOEIC, TOEFL Training.

• Corporate ~ Staff Training, Sales, HR, Marketing.

• Media ~  Web Ads, TV, Informercials.

• New Product ~ Marketing, Demonstration,Training, PoP.

• Travel ~ Smart Phone/ iPad Tours, In-flight Entertainment.

• Trade Shows, Conferences ~ Audio for a Global Audience.

SAG-AFTRA:  Tom j Dolan is a career member of this American performers Guild with Headquarters in Hollywood & New York.

A Global-English Speaker for clear Communication
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