Show#3. Comedy & Humor : Not a Laughing Matter

Comedy and Humor is a serious matter for Speakers/

Using Comedy & Humor in your Speaking events & Presentations is often recommended by Trainers, books, and DVD’s. But in today’s globalized environment, this advice carries both assets & liabilities for You the Speaker…. [Read More]

Show#2. 2 Mic’s, 1 Rule

Can’t live without them and they’re everywhere: microphones

2 Mic’s, 1 Rule for professional & safe Microphone use. The growing popularity of Video Chat and On-line Conferencing has increased the need to work with Microphones for many people. So let’s look at 2 types of Microphones you’re most likely to use… [Read More]

Show#1. Fear of Speaking? You Can Beat It!

Fear or something else?

This video looks at the Fear of Speaking and suggests one way you can control this fear. If you’re one of the 60%-70% of Americans who say they suffer from the Fear of Speaking then this show is for You.

Not participating in Social, Business, or Professional Presentations & Conversations[Read More]