Speaking and Leadership @ TED

Stanley McChrystal, former US Commanding General in Afghanistan, speaks at a TED event. This video demonstrates several Teaching Points that will teach you something about Speaking and Leadership. Let’s discover what they are-

1.  One point is his voice. It’s not silky smooth, it’s very… [Read More]

Tell a Story

In this TED Presentation, Rob Harmon tells a story, a really good story, and although it involves him, it’s not about him. Stories can win over the Hearts-n-Minds of your audience.  And Personal Stories…they’re even better. Why you ask? Well,… [Read More]

“The New Opium of the Masses”

“The New Opium of the Masses”

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Opium. The use of a natural GMO-free psychological enhancer, Opium for example, to augment reality is a historically documented past-time. Some would even say it’s a universal human habit. Well, times do change and with it the substitute takes new forms, new context, new delivery systems. And it’s not always a natural substance or a legally compounded drug …[Read More]

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If you’re going to develop a habit, choose a good one.

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Show#32- Public Speaking & Hollywood

Hollywood performances and Speaking performances have a lot in common: they’re both ‘performances’. This idea probably scares many would-be Speakers. But the main point to keep in mind is this: Speaking is a learnable skill that many people learn to perform very well.

Hollywood wants an Actor to act like someone else. That takes years and years of study, constant practice, and taking chances to look foolish. On the other hand, Speaking and Presenting to an audience can be skillfully & confidently learned. It still requires learning skills, practice, and taking chances, but it can be learned in a much shorter time for most people.

And remember, you get to be yourself, not a fictitious character in a script. It is an easier challenge to manage and most of my students are very surprised at how good they feel as they become more skillful and more confident. If you want to learn these skills, you can do it. But first, 

Let’s consider some good advice offered by a HollyWood Star. It just might help you become a better Speaker & Presenter. hollywoodsign

I won’t spoil the surprise… you’ll just have to Watch and Discover for yourself the character who offered this smart advice to Speakers. When you’re finished watching, take a look at  Show#19.



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