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•  Why is a 3-lesson minimum suggested? You need to invest time & effort to learn New skills. 3-lessons is enough time for you to see & feel a change in your Confidence & Speaking ability.

  Will I overcome my Fear of Speaking?  My experience with students of all ages, proves that most people quickly learn to manage their feelings of stress or embarrassment and become skillful speakers.

  Is Skype useful for POS Training?  Yes! You’re schedule, real-time comments & Training, and Skype is free.

  What is a Typical Session?  We work with the information for your Speech, Presentation or event. You learn new skills and rehearse previous skills. We discuss your progress and Training.

  What does POS Training prepare me to do?  Participate in: Social events, Meetings, Classes, Seminars; Deliver Business, Educational, Technical, & Product Presentations; Any group activity.

  When should I begin Training, my event is in 3 weeks?  Now! Sooner is better because you’ll have more practice-time and practice builds Confidence.

  Will you write my Speech for me?  No, but I will advise you on Content & Delivery. I’ll help you organize it and choose Vocabulary to communicate your message successfully.

  Can I lose my accent?  Difficult to lose it but possible to reduce it. I will direct your Pronunciation. If some words are difficult to pronounce, I will suggest alternative vocabulary.

•  Do I have to Memorize my Speech? Usually, No! This question and many more are answered in the Training Videos available on the Global Speakers Blog.

All Training is available with

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Information for your success/

Performance of Speaking© skills can change your Future,
but, it’s How You use them,
that can Change the Future for others.

1. Choose any Date & Time, we agree on, for your Training.

2. Cancel & Re-schedule a Session with minimum 24hour notice. Less than 24 hours notice will be charged a Session fee.

3. I will give you 24-hour notice if I have to Cancel a Session. If I can not give you 24-hour notice, your re-scheduled Session is Free.

4.  Performance of Speaking© is a Learnable set of Skills. You can learn these skills if you focus your effort on getting Results. I will train you & coach you, but it’s your focus,  participation, & commitment that will produce the results you want.

5.  English Second Language(ESL) speakers: Don’t wait until You can speak perfect English. Your English skills will improve when you are learning the POS Speaking Skills.

 I accept new or returning Clients when my schedule permits.

7. Beginning Students should schedule their Sessions at the minimum rate of one per week. If too much time passes between sessions, you will not reinforce your learning and that will slow your success.

8.  More questions? please use the contact form below…


Want to be a Speaker? Learn to Speak!

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