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POS Speakers Training Programs 

Program #1.

Performance Training: Learn the Foundation Skills.humanoid speaker

Do you have little or no Speaking experience? Not Confident or Skillful because you never learned the Basic Speaking & Presentation Skills? Now, you can learn one of the most important skills you need to succeed in Life, and you can learn it with a Performance of Speaking training program.

Learn the Foundation Skills of Professional Speaking:
 Manage Anxiety, Stress, Fear                Microphone Technique 
 Mental Preparedness                              Set Your Focus
 Find Your Effective Voice                       Humor & Comedy
The Power of Posture                             • Speech Preparation 
 Audience Interaction                                Good Eye Contact 
 Reading a Speech                                   Pausing for Effect
Rehearse for Success                            Arms & Hands
• Body Language                                       Dress for Success 
 Your Effective Delivery Style                  Silence is Golden 

 all this and more will prepare You to be a Confident, Skillful Speaker.

Performance Training: 3-1hour Online Sessions:  3-Hours total.

Training/Coaching Programs are available with
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Program #2.

Performance Coaching: create professional results.

Are You an Experienced Speaker/ Presenter? Are You making an impact? How are your Stage Skills? Do you Connect, Earn Trust, and gain Audience Support?

Become the Successful Speaker you want be.

1.  Identify your Performance challenges, and goals.

2.  With that information, we’ll strengthen and expand your abilities.

3.  You’ll work outside your “Comfort-Zone”: Test new Skills, Techniques, and Mental Attitudes, then choose to use the ones that work for You in the style that produces Results for you.

4.  Results: You’ll strengthen your Confidence, Energize your Performance with StageCraft, and Connect with your Audience building Trust & Support for your Presentation.

If You’re ready for Professional Growth,

Performance Coaching is ready for You.

Performance Coaching: 2-1hour + 2.5hour Sessions:  3-Hours total.

Program #3

Performance Premium:  a Custom, Personalized Training program designed to meet or exceed your requirements to deliver a successful Speech, Pitch, or Presentation.

What is your most important Goal for the Event?

  • Prepare for Success: an intensive 4hour or 8-hour Preparation.
  • Are your Performance & Delivery skills current?
  • Will your Audience understand your English?
  • What physical Gestures should you avoid?
  • Are your supporting visuals effectively prepared?
  • Will you use an Interpreter or Translator?
  • Will Video confirm your preparation?

Preparation & Practice is 90% of success.

The Total Fees for your Performance Premium Program are based on the personal services you request to ensure your successful Speaking or Presentation Event.

I offer you a no-cost Consultation Call via Skype to determine the services you require and the time-schedule we’ll be working with. Please use the Contact Form below to set-up your Consultation Call. I look to Speaking with you…


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