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Performance of Speaking” Workshops = Skills + Confidence

PoS WorkShops are Coached inter-active Training that teaches Speaking & Presentation skills + Global English skills:

Skills + Confidence to Speak English – Experience the difference.

 nu lecternBuilds your Confidence through “Active learning” and,

Co-operative Learning” which are both statistically proven to accelerate your Skills acquisition & retention.

Learn the Foundation Skills of Professional Speaking:
 Overcome Anxiety, Stress & Fear             Microphone Technique 
 Mental Preparedness                                Set Your Focus 
 Find Your Effective Voice                          Humor & Comedy 
• The Power of Posture                              • Speech Preparation 
 Audience Interaction                                 Good Eye Contact 
 Reading a Speech                                    Pausing for Effect
 Rehearse for Success                              Arms & Hands
• Body Language                                       • Dress for Success 
 Your Effective Delivery Style                    Silence is Golden 


PoS Speaking WorkShop is not an English school:

All Learning Materials provided – Nothing extra to buy.


“It’s not only what you say, it’s How you say it.”

Performance of Speaking Training – a proven learning strategy designed for:humanoid speaker

  • CEO’s > preparing a Speech or Presentation
  • Start-up Entrepreneurs > attracting Investors
  • Students > preparing for foreign University
  • Professionals > Clients, Seminars, Research
  • Businesspeople > Marketing, Negotiating

Performance of Speaking” is an Global English Speaking & Presentation Training/Coaching program designed by Tom j Dolan, an international Media Professional and experienced Global-English Speaking & Presentations Professional.

Tom j Dolan is Training Corporate CEO’s, business owners, Professionals, & University students in Los Angeles & Tokyo to Speak Global-English with skill & confidence.

Meet Tom j Dolan:

Media Narrator/Actor/Host – CV/Resumé
Educator: Teacher, Trainer, Coach – CV/Resumé

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The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The “Performance of Speaking Workshops & “Read2Speak” Training will teach you to become a Skillful & Confident Global-English Speaker before, during, and after the 2020 Games.

Begin Now to Prepare for this Opportunity.

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