Read a Speech @ Princeton University

Jeff Bezos of, delivers an address at Princeton University. As you watch him read his speech, let’s watch for several training points that can benefit all of us.

1.  Although he is talking about personal events from his childhood, he delivers his Speech with constant reference to his speech pages on the lectern. Here is a classic example of “Reading a Speech” and illustrates why you should avoid this delivery choice

2.  He constantly bobs his head up & down as he refers to the speech. This can be very distracting to the audience drawing attention away from the message.

3.  His eye-contact with the audience suffers too. He could have better served his audience by using note cards. The result is that his story might have seemed morebored faceConversational and more personal, resulting in making a better Audience connection.

4.  He is making many paper handling distractions: Picking them up, holding them, shuffling them. These distractions could have become an embarrassing incident if the speech papers had dropped off the lectern or worse, blown away. More importantly, another example of taking the attention from the message to the messenger.

Remember the reason, the goal you wanted to accomplish when you decided to Speak or Present at any event. Large or small. Anything you can do, anything under your control, should be well planned, well designed.

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note: begin viewing the video at about 6 minutes into the video and you’ll avoid a long introduction. This video is a teaching tool, not a personal comment on Jeff Bezos, only his speaking style.

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