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Read2Speak is a proven English Speaking Training Program which is perfectly adaptable to all Corporate/Business, Educational, and Professional needs:

 1/ Did you learn to Read & Write English but not to Speak English?

 2/ Did you learn to Speak English, but now you don’t use English often, and you know you are losing your ability to speak English?

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There is a solution and it’s called Read2Speak – Learn about it here:

With Read2Speak Training you will Speak English in every Class:
Speak English – to develop Speaking Skill & Confidence
Speak English – to build a Professional Vocabulary
Speak English – to develop your Listening Skills
Speak English – to learn the “Music” of English
Speak English – to develop a Natural Speaking style
Speak English – to Communicate with a Global Audience

  Read2Speak logo No Texts, Cd’s, DVD’s to buy.
  All Study Materials are provided.

“If You can Read English,
You can Speak English today.”

 Free Trial Available/

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Discover Read2Speak. Request a free 1-hour training Workshop at your location. Staff in small Workshops will learn to Speak English faster using the education principles of “Active Listening” and “Co-operative Learning”.

Experience Read2Speak for yourself. No obligation to join. Guaranteed results.

Is your company ready for international business? Can your Staff speak to a Global Market in English? Many of your Staff have studied English, now you can help them speak English effectively for the benefit of your company.


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