Tom j Dolan



  • Tokyo Disneyland Resort         TV Commercial
  • Kyoto University                       Art Exhibit Self-Guided Audio Tour
  • NHK-G TV                               “Science View”, “Food & Pottery”
  • DAIICHI Tanker                       Global Chemical Shipping 
  • Nikken Sekkei                          Developmental Properties/ Dubai
  • TOEIC                                     TOEIC Exam Q&A – Narration
  • NHK TV                                   2015 on-line English Education Test.
  • Coca Cola                                New product /Test Market Commercial
  • FUJI Medical                           TV Commercials, Singapore
  • NARA Prefecture                    “Walking Tour” Audio – FUJI TV
  • Cannes Film Festival               Film Festival Entries
  • Jobst Center/USA                    Medical Intermittent Claudication, USA 
  • Japanese Govt.                       NAKA Nuclear Facility; JETRO
  • IBM                                          San Francisco Project – (7)videos
  • ANA Airlines                             Monthly in-flight Report/ 2 years
  • SONY                                      Playstation Games- Lead Voice Actor
  • KODAK                                    Kodak Products video
  • Asahi Beer                               American “Voice of Asahi” in Japan/ 4 years
  • HONDA                                   New Vehicle Introductions
  • SEGA                                      Willy Wombat / game – “Willy”- Lead Actor

Film & TV:

  • LEADERS                                   TBS TV – Gen. Douglas MacArthur
  • Yoshida Shigeru                         NHK/Tokyo  Advisor/ US Military Action
  • Perfect Crime Mystery                TV-Tokyo Lead Actor
  • Return from Pearl Harbor           NHK-Nagoya  Advisor/ US Military Action
  • NHK English Ed Series               NHK-Tokyo Multiple roles
  • Godzilla vs Mecha-Godzilla        TOHO Studio – G-Force Commander
  • The John Comix Show               TBS TV – Show Host
  • Godzilla vs Space-Godzilla         TOHO – McKay/ Mafia Boss/ Featured
  • Titanic Special                            ASAHI TV – Thomas Andrews/ Co-Star
  • Gulliver’s Travels                        FUJI TV Gulliver/Starring
  • General Hospital/USA                 ABC TV – Mafia Boss/ Featured
  • Tonight Show/USA                      NBC TV – Comedy Skit/ Featured  

On-Camera Host: 

  • JETRO                            Host/ Executive – JETRO Services. 
  • Amway                            Host/ Scientist – Products & Training – 7 videos. 
  • Sofmap                           Host/ Executive – QUOVIS software. 
  • Alpine                              Host/ Dad – Audio technology. 
  • IBM                                 Host/ Executive – New Product. 
  • Pioneer                           Host/ Dad – Home Theatre, North America. 
  • AEON Corp.                   Host/ Professor – English Education, ASIA – 4 videos. 
  • Kenwood                        Host/ Executive – New Product. 
  • Robo-Cook                     Host/ Chef – Informercial – International. 
  • California Closets           Host/ Executive – New Concepts. 
  • Tabata USA                    Host/ Sportsman – SCUBA equipment, USA. 
  • Terrorism in America      Host & Producer – Adelphia Cable – Los Angeles

Live Event MC / Host: 

  • Canon, JAPAN       Host, Hi-Tech ExhibitNew York Hilton, NYC
  • Mitsubishi, USA      Host, Executive EventDisney World, Orlando
  • Tokyo Auto Show   Host, BMW ExhibitMakuhari Messe, Tokyo

TV Commercials:  (list upon request)


  • University of Washington, Seattle     BA:  Political Science & Asian Studies. 
  • UCLA, Los Angeles                           Advanced Communication Studies.
  • Johns Hopkins Univ.                         “University Teaching” program.
  • Berkeley Film Inst., Berkeley, CA     “Film Craftsman” Program. 
  • CBS-TV/Radford Studios, LA            Directing for Television.

Interests & Training:

Sustainable Agriculture, Universal Education, Responsible Environmental Management, Equal Gender Opportunity, Urban Bicycle Paths, Responsible Pet Care, Recycling.
Pilot License. Japanese Driver License. Parachute. SCUBA. Motorcycle. Bicycle.


Career Member of America’s #1 performers professional guild.

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