Show#12- The “Penguin Expert”

There’s always one in every crowd!

Audience Analysis is part of your Speaking & Presentation preparedness. Best practice suggests that you should collect information about your Audience. On the other hand, it’s important to keep this task in proper perspective. You may be somewhat clairvoyant but you can’t predict the Penguin Expert

This video suggests 3-points when preparing to meet your Audience:

1) audience analysis: knowing who they are keeps you nimble and effective,

2) a critical question to ask the event organizer about the community,

3) a clever method of handling a “Penguin Expert.”

Knowing your Audience is important, but remember to keep the task in Perspective.

By that I mean: you can only learn a certain amount about your audience and usually it’s pretty generalized. That’s ok though, so take what you get, look it over, use it to make adjustments, to guide the design of your Presentation. Then get on with building your Presentation.

There will be times when you are delivering a Speech or Presentation to a specific kind of audience of self-selected individuals. This audience will be gathered around a common interest, a shared goal, an industry, a profession. Whatever the coalesing reason, if you can determine exactly what it is, you can more specifically craft your Presentation.

The down-side of this kind of audience is that a “Penguin Expert” is more likely penguinto be expected and in many cases you will more likely be confronted with information that may not have been readily available to you. So, there’s another reason to watch this video… as the BoyScout motto says: Be Prepared.

There is a bottom line here: Your #1 reason for being in front of this Audience is to deliver information of some nature. You don’t have to “win” anything other than the support of the audience. If you’re looking for agreement, sales, support for an idea, or acceptance of new information… it doesn’t matter. If a situation arises where a confrontation of knowledge is taking place, and the outcome is unimportant to anything other then your ego – let it go. You will win ultimately because in most instances the audience doesn’t like a pushy-bully.  Watch this video.

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