Show#18- “Speakers, Lecterns & Podiums”

Stand on it? Stand behind it? Find out here~

Speakers frequently have the opportunity to work with Lecterns & Podiums. Each one is a Speakers tool and the proper use can enhance your impact with your audience.

Lecterns & Podiums come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they are often confused as being the same thing or interchangeable… but they’re not.


nu lecternA Speaker typically stands on one, and behind the other. In this Show we’ll take a look at which is which and… 

1.  How to make skillful use of a Lectern,

2.  Working with a Microphone at, on, or around a Lectern, and,

3.  Here’s a reliable bit of advice based on my experience, when standing on a Podium.

If You’re unsure which is which, and you want or need to improve your front-of-podium nuthe-room Performance, take a moment and watch this show. The skills that you develop and incorporate into your Speaking Performance will help you “sell” the tool, solution, or concept to your audience.

Why? You’ll appear more natural. More of a friendly Conversationalist or Teacher or Advocate rather than a Lecturer or Reader. You make a connection when your skills make you appear more relaxed, more personable. You can’t expect to “win” at every event you address. Elections are often won by slim margins…we all see that. But, you can influence people and in some instances, prepare them to accept You as a Speaker in the future. That’s the “Win”.

Performance of Speaking© includes Stage Craft skills.

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