Show#19- “3 Ways to Become a Trusted Speaker”

“Know-Like-Trust” generates millions of responses on a Google search. Of the 3 terms, “Trust” is the one most valued, most sought after, most difficult to earn…

Do you want to be acknowledged to be a Trusted Speaker? Of course. In fact you need to be a Trusted Speaker if you intend to make a difference in people’s lives, influence decisions, change opinions, and, most importantly, develop Support for your goals.

In this Show, we’ll look at 3 strategies that you, as …a Speaker, can earn Trust with an Audience. It is your “show” but the focus is always on your audience. Why are they sitting there listening to you? They’re expecting some kind of “payoff” and they’re hoping you’ve brought one. If you’ve done your homework, you will know what they really want or need.

Now… what does it take to earn their support for your “solution” that does, you believe, solve their challenging issue. Building Trust during your speech or presentation is Key to earning their support. 

Keep in mind: they may think you’re clever, humorous, intelligent, attractive. But finally, they must Trust you, or No Sale! But here’s a promising thought,

If you develop the beginnings of Trust, you may discover that returning to a future event or meeting is quite easy. Yes, Trust builds, usually, in steps or stages. That’s an advantage you want to appreciate…and plan for.
  • Trust opens Doors,
  • Trust earns Support,
  • Trust builds a Network,
  • Trust develops Recommendations.

Trust positions you as an authority, a person to be taken seriously. Building Trust takes time, it’s an investment, but the long-term benefits are worth the effort.

Skillful Speaking can earn Trust for You,
your Business, and your Future.

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