Show#20- A Speakers Voice

Your Speakers Voice is Key to Success~

A Speakers Voice is the main tool in their Performance of Speaking toolbox. And like most tools, when trained and used properly, it can produce extraordinary results for you. The human voice can communicate information, emotion, and opinion. It can persuade or dissuade action for…

or against an issue. As a Speaker you must know the strengths and limits of your own voice in order to use it effectively. This Show looks at 3 aspects of Your Voice that You can train and shape to achieve Your intended goals whether that’s influencing, advocating, informing, or educating.humanoid speaker

Have you developed the capabilities of your Voice to it’s fullest? Do you know what’s possible for you? Have you worked with any Trainer or do you simply go along with what you have, never testing limits beyond your own thinking? 

Well, begin by watching this video, then check out my article: Natural Born Speaker? at It will give you some ideas to test.

Voice is the #1 tool for a Speaker and
it can be trained to serve you well.

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