Show#22-“A Mediocre Speaker?”

Good Speaker, Mediocre Speaker, Bad Speaker?

No Speaker wants to be a Mediocre Speaker! But is case that is your goal, which I admit is kinda ridiculous, our “Guest Host” introduces us to 5 steps you can take to ensure you accomplish that goal. 

Now seriously, that’s probably not what you want, but are your skills and techniques in danger of… getting you too close to accomplishing that when you participate in events? Are you losing out on the opportunities that are there for you at each event? Reality is this: the Audience wants to be on your side… most of them anyway, and the results are yours to win or lose.

So take a moment, watch this video, and then decide if you should reconsider your happy theatre masktechniques, your skills, your preparation. If you really want to succeed as a Speaker, there is a lot of good information and Training available. Take advantage of it, learn new skills and perspectives and improve your front of the room performance. It is a Performance!

And remember,

Performance of Speaking is a Learnable set of Skills.

~disclaimer: ok so this show is kinda silly..but the points it makes aren’t.

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