Show#25- “Speaker Training-How to Choose”

This video discusses some benefits and expectations of Speakers Training. We’ll take a brief look at “Public Speaking” vs “Speaking in Public” which is not the same thing. While not everyone wants to be a Professional Speaker, many would like to Speak in public without feeling self-conscious, embarrassed, sweaty, or ill. You might feel that Training of any kind from anyone can’t possibly help you… if you really 

feel it’s impossible to overcome those feelings, my teaching and coaching says that it’s not. People do it everyday, it just takes the right Teacher/Coach in a supportive learning environment. Speaking in public is simply having a Conversation with a group.

Speaking is a Learnable set of Skills. As Your skills develop, so does your Confidence. As your confidence increases so does your effectiveness …like a string of beads, one follows the other. Sounds simple but it’s true.

Knowing what You want to accomplish as a Speaker, will help you choose the best training to prepare you to succeed. Educate, inform, advocate, participate…it’s all possible if you really see the value and learn the skills.

Training in Speaking is a Life-long investment in You.

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