Show#26- Job Interview – Pt.1

Interviewing for a new job can be challenging, stimulating, stressful, and successful…but it’s rarely enjoyable. ~TjD

Job Interview Pt.1 – Preparation

The Job Interview: Not the easiest task at any time under the best conditions. Searching for a Job in today’s economy, in almost any Country, is difficult & frustrating. In this video, the first in a series of 3-videos targeting the “job interview” let’s look at some of the pre-interview decisions…

 …that you can make to stand out from the competitive crowd. Job Interview Part 1 (of 3 videos), discusses some other aspects of “Preparation” besides Dress, Resumé, standing up straight, and being on-time. Although they are important, in today’s competitive job market, You need an extra edge or 2 or job interview

Achieving success at the task is more a result of Preparation than Luck. Or it might be stated more Preparation to ensure more Luck. Be sure to watch Show#27-Pt 2 for more “not so typical Job Interview” suggestions.

Remember: Preparation is important. Performance is key. The one does generally lead to the other. Good Luck.

It’s difficult to be in competition for a job,
Don’t be in competition with yourself too.

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