Show#27- Job Interview – Pt.2

It’s challenging to go out, meet new people, and hold yourself up to scrutiny, but that’s exactly what Job-hunting is about. You might as well make the most of it and Prepare for it. ~TjD

Job Interview Pt. 2 – All About You

The Job Interview: You’ve researched and produced the best, most up to date CV/Resume format…Great!

You’ve chosen the most appropriate position-matching-clothes to wear…Sharp!

You’ve wisely taken the advice of Show#26-Pt.1 and carefully researched the Company you’re interviewing with…Smart!

Now, in Job Interview Pt. 2, let’s talk about You! After all, the main character in this drama is: You! So Before…

You begin listing all the reasons why you WANT this position, or why You should get it, or why You deserve this opportunity…. Watch this video and let it be a further guide to your personal preparation. Reality is, people get hired for the darndest reasons!

You know it’s true and when an interview is over and you get the word that you didn’t get it, you weren’t chosen, it can be very deflating. So you re-think the entire event and say things like: oh I should have…. or why didn’t I say that, wear this, smile more….etc, etc. Well,

That’s all after the fact and what are you going to do about it anyway. Of course the obvious is to commit to doing all those things in the next opportunity. But here’s an idea to guide you:

Instead of thinking “what can I do to get hired?” why not ask this question: “What should I do to not be eliminated? What can I do to make it almost impossible for them to easily discount me, my efforts, my skills, the overall benefits I bring to their organization?” 

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