Show#28- Job Interview – Pt.3

Job Interviews Pt. 3 – Your A,S,S.

The Job Interview. It isn’t easy in the best of times. And although the economic situation seems to be improving, today still isn’t the “Best of Times.” If you’re out Interviewing for a job or a “ position” you already know this isn’t the best of times. You also know it may be a long time before many of us can say “things are Great!” But life-is-life, and you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

So although investing the time & effort is physically & emotionally draining, and can be somewhat costly financially, You still want to put forth your…

best effort.  Even though you’ve now watched Video Pt 1 & Video Pt 2, you might not be aware that you may be sabotaging your best efforts. If this is the sign you’re looking for, 

your hired sign

then watch Part 3 of this series. We’ll look at 3 Negatives and, almost magically, turn each one into a Positive. The points may seem simplistic at first glance, but watch through to the end of the video to ensure your efforts are not in need of some fine-tuning adjustments. Remember the competition is keen hungry.

In times like these Preparation is the best predictor of your Good Luck.


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