Show#29- Speaking Q&A

SuperSpeak, a Public Speaking Organization for Children, in Melbourne, Australia, requested I address a Question regarding handling speaking stress or “nerves”. Initially I intended to send off a quik video response, but upon completion of the video message, I decided

to share it here with you. So,

“Speaking Q&A” is my answer to the Staff at SuperSpeak and too, insight into my approach in helping others overcome their Fear of Speaking, Stage Fright, Stress, or Nerves. It may provide You with some ideas regarding your own Fear of Speaking. (or whatever name you choose to give it).

My Teaching experience tells me that most of You can overcome this “fearful” feeling by learning fundamental Speaking skills and developing confidence in a supportive learning environment. The fact is simple really: you replace your focus on your fearful feelings with a focus on using the skills you’re learning.

It’s not as difficult a task as many people say. Like any skill, it can be learned with some effort and a willingness to take chances, little risks, in a secure learning environment. You’ll never believe it until you try.

One more point to consider is this: if the kids at Super Speak feel “fear” at such a young age, isn’t it likely that we all felt it in some way or another? What accounts for some people overcoming the feeling while others carry it into their adult lives is a question I can’t answer, but I know for a fact that most of us can learn to manage the feeling. That probability will open that closed-door to a more expansive, inclusive, and influential future for many adults. Isn’t that possibility worth a little bit of risk?


Learn to Speak, Make a Difference with your time.


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