Show#30- Speedy Speakers Lose.

Speedy Speakers lose? Talking too fast is a habit of many Speakers. This habit presents difficulties for the Speaker, and more importantly has a negative impact on the  audience.

1.  The Audience doesn’t become emotionally invested in your Presentation. Support?

2.  The Audience may miss the essence of your Speech or Presentation. You’re looking for support?

3.  You don’t develop the personal connection you want with this Audience. Still looking for support?

Frankly, the Audience is fatigued and when that occurs you lose them and their (potential) Support. But wait a minute, that’s the reason you came here isn’t it? To earn, develop Support for something: product, plan, solution. Don’t defeat yourself.

Deliver your information in the best way possible and let the audience decide. Frankly, all of these difficulties can be avoided. Let’s take a look at some solutions. With good Performance of Speaking skills and the confidence to deliver them… everybody Wins, and that means you too.

Maximize every speaking opportunity that presents itself. You never know who is sitting in that particular audience, for whatever reason, that might be motivated to support your effort, whatever it is. Speaking for Support can be like gambling in Las Vegas, but with much better odds.

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Performance of Speaking skills are Basic Communication skills.

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