Speakers: young & leading @ TEDx


Speakers are starting young & sharing with confidence. This video shows us that people of any age can have something to say and a willingness to say it. https://plus.google.com/109861707166761525879/

In this TEDx event a young 6th Grade student shows us how easy it is. Conversationally engaging us with eye contact and stage movement, he

tells his Story and all the while he’s using an iPad as a reference.

Will pads become the new notecards? I think they probably will, especially as their capabilities increase along with the app’s that can be used on them. 

The point of this show is simply to say that anyone, of any age can communicate honestly and effectively at a public event. Of course if you’re an adult with many years of speaking anxiety, the thought of You speaking in front of a group can be troubling and so you avoid it.

But remember, Performance of Speaking skills are Learnable. It doesn’t take long to learn to manage your feelings of embarrassment and develop Confidence in Speaking. And we all know that Speakers have more opportunity open to them.

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