Speaking and Leadership @ TED

Stanley McChrystal, former US Commanding General in Afghanistan, speaks at a TED event. This video demonstrates several Teaching Points that will teach you something about Speaking and Leadership. Let’s discover what they are-

1.  One point is his voice. It’s not silky smooth, it’s verygravelly isn’t it? He’s not loud nor demonstrative and yet you’ll find the audience engaged. You can see & hear, that having a Nice, Pleasant, “Easy to Listen to” voice isn’t mandatory to maintain audience attention.

(ps~ if you’re interested in more information re: Voice, see Show# 20)

2.  I counted only one Slide in his Presentation, demonstrating that You don’t need a library of slides to make your Case. You may discover that fewer slides, or even NO Slides, frees You to more fully Connect to your Audience.

3.  Watch how he moves easily around the Presenters Circle. I like Stage Movement. And did you notice he doesn’t carry notes, still, he has a nice smooth delivery. I think he was well rehearsed but not scripted, and that allows him to be comfortable & flexible during his Presentation.

4.  Besides good Speaker Dynamics, I also chose this Presentation because of his incorporation of several Personal Stories. Stories grab an audience’s attention, but of course, it’s up to the Speaker to hold it.

If you want to build a Dynamic future, and Perform at an Above Average level, there are beneficial take-aways for You in this Presentation. Speaking and Leadership, a symbiotic relationship.

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