Stage movement @ TED

In this TED video, Johanna Blakley, delivers a Presentation on Women and Social Media. What caught my attention was the inordinate amount of time the video spends focused on her slides instead of on her. Why I wondered?

Watch Ms Blakley’s  body movement. She constantly shifts from side-to-side. And so, it’s difficult for the Cameraman to keep her head “in the video frame”.

Consequently, the Editor cuts away from her, to her slide show. If you view many TED event videos, you’ll soon realize that rarely is the focus of the video ever on the slides. The Speaker is always the focus, the point of interest, and too the message. Now,

I encourage Speakers to move about. If you’re not anchored to a lectern by a Microphone, stage movement can add interest to your Presentation and hold Audience attention. A lesson I learned in one of my early acting workshops in Hollywood was this: When you move, move for a reason, have a purpose. Don’t move because you can’t think of anything better to do with yourself.

But if the final result you want to achieve is a video of your Presentation, decide Who is theStarof this video: the slides or You. You may not get a 2nd chance at an event. Make the most of the opportunity.

note/ her movement begins at about 1:45 into the video. This video is a useful tool to learn better Speaking techniques, and is not a negative comment on Johanna Blakley.

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