Stutter to Success

Megan Washington speaks with a ‘stutter’ in this TEDx presentation but she sings without the ‘stutter’. Stuttering speech is not uncommon but it does discourage many people from speaking in public or at public events like TED.

There are 3 points I’d like you to take away from this presentation,

  1. Megan doesn’t let her stutter prevent her from speaking to us.

  2. She uses her phone as a ‘guide’ to her presentation. 

  3. Her music is really lovely…I enjoyed her performance. You?

If someone you know has a stutter or some other speech impediment, I hope you’ll share this video with them. It’s another good example of people overcoming their fear of embarrassment and sharing their talent & ideas with us. And of course we all benefit from that, because,

Unless the person has an alternative way of communicating like writing, or in this case singing, we may never have any input, perspective, or solutions contributed by that person.

I am seeing more wi-fi devices being used to aid in delivering Presentations. Replacing note cards with an easy to carry device is convenient and in many ways a safer choice. If you choose this method, just be sure to practice with it many times to ensure you are comfortable using it with an audience. Also, have it fully charged and as a back-up, have a printed copy available. 

Finally, I encourage you to take a look at your resistance to participating in public events. If you’re on this website, you’re probably looking for answers, information, technique and maybe a bit of encouragement. I hope this post gave you something useful, even inspirational.

Speaking Skills are learnable at anytime, anywhere, at any age. Begin today – change your future…

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