“How to Gain Confidence Through Speaking”

“How to Gain Confidence Through Speaking”Article hosted on Scribd.com

Can’t I simply read a book to gain Confidence in Public Speaking? Well, as long as you asked, I honestly have to say, No, not really.  I know I’m probably offending many authors, educators, and publishing companies that sell other viewpoints and profitable Speaking Tools. But my opinion is based on personal experience Teaching & Coaching many clients and classes, both in the US and in Japan.humanoid speaker

Public Speaking and Presentations are physical, active, interactive, and frequently….[Read More]

note/before you spend any money on any training, make sure you know what it is you really want to accomplish. Although I work with students of all ages with various educational backgrounds, the one point you cannot get from a book, cd, dvd, YouTube video(even mine), is the judgement call, the professional opinion that says: You got it! That’s it. That’s the way it “feels”. When you want to achieve that result, repeat that action.  -At some point you must risk getting in front of someone, preferably a smallish group and working it out. This stuff is learnable. Go read the article and decide from there.

Speaking is “Being in the Moment” with an audience of any size.

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“Overcome the Fear of Speaking?”

“Overcome Fear of Speaking-Why?”

Article Hosted at Scribd.com

The rewards for overcoming this all-to-common Fear of Speaking, if it is a “fear“, will result in the broadening of citizen participation in generating and spreading new ideas. Potential solutions that you might have some insight into, are too easily avoided with the excuse, I can’t do that, I’m scared to death of speaking in public [Read More]

Note// …if you don’t want to bother reading the article, that’s ok, but before you just click away, I have to make this one point: the whole oversold idea suggesting that we, most all of us, suffer from this culture-wide fear, the Fear of Speaking, is simply foolish and more, it’s untrue. We may all share a fear-of-embarassing ourselves in front of others, but that’s a much different challenge then Glossophobia which is the real fear of speaking. And fortunately, most of us don’t have to overcome that psychological issue.What we have to overcome is embarrassment, and that is easily doable in the right environment with a good teacher. You’ll never know unless you try and if you do try and it doesn’t work out for you, email me through this site and I’ll attempt to guide you to a successful outcome. Speaking is not impossible, it’s simply learning new skills that you can use with confidence.

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