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RSA, a British organization, is similar to TED in America.

Richard Thaler, Professor of Behavioural Science and Economics at the University of Chicago, speaks at an RSA event. For students of Speaking,

These verbal place holders or space fillers are frequently heard in Speeches and Presentations. But they distract from your message and discourage attentive listening and active listening by the Audience. The bottom line of all of this Speaking advice and suggestions is to encourage you.

First, to encourage you to seek out a comfortable, secure learning environment where you can take risk. The idea is simple really but people think it’s difficult and continue to avoid it by hiding behind the false idea: the Fear of Speaking.

Second, to encourage you to take those new skills you’ve learned, and the confidence you should have developed along with the skills, and put them to good use. At every opportunity. Of course you are not going to begin by giving a Keynote address at your local University graduation. But begin small and work-up. See my show on Volunteer activity. This serves so many good purposes and is a perfect place to begin.

The Solution: Planning, Preparation, & Practice will help You resolve this Distracting issue. The Result: Attracting and keeping the attention & involvement of Your Audience.

~Want more Solutions for this issue? see Show# 24.

Being aware of your Speaking Habits, your Behavior,
is the first step to changing it.

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“Can I Avoid Looking Foolish When I Speak?”

“Can I Avoid Looking Foolish When I Speak?”

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Are you always worried about Looking foolish or feeling self-conscious when you speak out? In fact you may feel so embarrassed when you try, you don’t offer an opinion or an idea or a solution into any conversation. It’s a very common feeling, and statistics say 60-70% of Americans don’t even try to advocate, communicate, or educate in a group environment.

If you can identify with that issue, that feeling, but you would like to get over it [Read More]       

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It’s not a “fear of Speaking” it’s fear of embarrassment
and they are not the same thing.

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Note Cards @ TED

Michael Specter is a staff writer for the New Yorker. In this Presentation at TED, he demonstrates a Performance of Speaking technique that I strongly suggest you consider. Instead of Reading a Speech, or continually referring to[Read More]

Show#20- A Speakers Voice

Your Speakers Voice is Key to Success~

A Speakers Voice is the main tool in their Performance of Speaking toolbox. And like most tools, when trained and used properly, it can produce extraordinary results for you. The human voice can communicate information, emotion, and opinion. It can persuade or dissuade action for…… [Read More]