“Public Speaking vs Speaking in Public”

“Public Speaking vs Speaking in Public”

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Public Speaking and Speaking in Public are not the same thing. They are not to be confused. You can easily engage in the one, but strongly resist the other.

Knowing what you want to achieve in your personal and/or professional communication is the quickest way to accomplish it. In most instances, being a good Speaker can help you achieve your goals more quickly.

Articles in Fortune, Slate, Forbes, NY Times and hundreds of other publications, books, websites, DVD sets are all broadcasting that to you… and still you resist putting yourself in a position to learn the skills, the techniques to successful Speaking. Whyhead in sand

Public Speaking is a learnable set of Skills regardless of how you plan to use them. Don’t buy into the ‘hype’ of the natural born speaker…it’s not true.  [Read More]

Natural Born Speakers? No, actually,
Good Speakers are Trained.

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Show#29- Speaking Q&A

SuperSpeak, a Public Speaking Organization for Children, in Melbourne, Australia, requested I address a Question regarding handling speaking stress or “nerves”. Initially I intended to send off a quik video response, but upon completion of the video message, I decided… [Read More]

Show#28- Job Interview – Pt.3

Job Interviews Pt. 3 – Your A,S,S.

The Job Interview. It isn’t easy in the best of times. And although the economic situation seems to be improving, today still isn’t the “Best of Times.” If you’re out Interviewing for a job or a “ position” you already know this isn’t the best of times. You also know it may be a long time before many of us can say “things are Great!” But life-is-life, and you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

So although investing the time & effort is physically & emotionally draining, and can be somewhat costly financially, You still want to put forth your…… [Read More]

Show#27- Job Interview – Pt.2

It’s challenging to go out, meet new people, and hold yourself up to scrutiny, but that’s exactly what Job-hunting is about. You might as well make the most of it and Prepare for it. ~TjD

Job Interview Pt. 2 – All About You

The Job Interview: You’ve researched and produced the best, most up to date CV/Resume format…Great!

You’ve chosen the most appropriate position-matching-clothes to wear…Sharp!

You’ve wisely taken the advice of Show#26-Pt.1 and carefully researched the Company you’re interviewing with…Smart!

Now, in Job Interview Pt. 2, let’s talk about You! After all, the main character in this drama is: You! So Before…… [Read More]