Show#24- “umm & ahh in Speaking”

It’s the little things that make a difference~

The repetitive use of umm & ahh seems, for some Speakers, to be a chronic, impossible to overcome habit…  And it isn’t always due to stress or anxiety. Frequently it’s simply a speaking habit that the Speaker developed at some point in life and is unaware of it, or is simply comfortable with it. Actually, with awareness, Training & focused Practice, a Speaker can manage this habit or in many instances… [Read More]

Show#21- “Rehearse for Success”

Practise, Practise, Practise – a Key to Success~

A major part of Your Presentation is “Self-Presentation.” Success with this challenge doesn’t happen by accident, but by focused design. Many of the same skills used by professional PERFORMERS can be learned and used by You. Let’s take a look at…… [Read More]

Show#11- On the Job Training -“OJT”

You will become a skillful Speaker by Speaking, not simply by Reading about it. You should actively take advantage of Speaking opportunities, big and small. And too, practice good speaking techniques, repeatedly, at every opportunity big and small. There are many opportunities that allow you, even encourage… [Read More]

Show#2. 2 Mic’s, 1 Rule

Can’t live without them and they’re everywhere: microphones

2 Mic’s, 1 Rule for professional & safe Microphone use. The growing popularity of Video Chat and On-line Conferencing has increased the need to work with Microphones for many people. So let’s look at 2 types of Microphones you’re most likely to use… [Read More]