Show#24- “umm & ahh in Speaking”

It’s the little things that make a difference~

The repetitive use of umm & ahh seems, for some Speakers, to be a chronic, impossible to overcome habit…  And it isn’t always due to stress or anxiety. Frequently it’s simply a speaking habit that the Speaker developed at some point in life and is unaware of it, or is simply comfortable with it. Actually, with awareness, Training & focused Practice, a Speaker can manage this habit or in many instances… [Read More]

Show#23- Know Who You Are

“When was the last time you changed or re-adjusted the definition of who you are & what you do?” Maybe it’s about time… ~TjD

Do you know Who You Are? For instance, if someone asked you “What are You?” or “What do you do?” you might readily answer, I’m a Speaker or a Presenter or both. Professionally or casually. And of course if you were a Speaker or a Presenter, you’d be correct.

But if you look critically at all the skills you bring to every event, you’ll see that in fact you’ve transcended that rather simplistic label. In reality, through your work, you’ve evolved, and consequently,

In reality, you’re more than a Speaker.

In this Show we’ll look at…… [Read More]

Read a Speech @ Princeton University

Jeff Bezos of, delivers an address at Princeton University. As you watch him read his speech, let’s watch for several training points that can benefit all of us.

1.  Although he is talking about personal events from his childhood, he delivers his Speech with constant reference to his speech pages on the lectern. Here is a classic example of “Reading a Speech” and illustrates why you should avoid this delivery choice… [Read More]

Show#19- “3 Ways to Become a Trusted Speaker”

“Know-Like-Trust” generates millions of responses on a Google search. Of the 3 terms, “Trust” is the one most valued, most sought after, most difficult to earn…

Do you want to be acknowledged to be a Trusted Speaker? Of course. In fact you need to be a Trusted Speaker if you intend to make a difference in people’s lives, influence decisions, change opinions, and, most importantly, develop Support for your goals.

In this Show, we’ll look at 3 strategies that you, as …… [Read More]