Show#15- “Forget the Fear of Speaking”

The Fear of Speaking is repeatedly mentioned, discussed, and referred to in Millions(?) of on-line posts. Written Articles, Books, DVD’s, On-site Seminars, & Tele-seminars are offered to help You overcome this terribly pervasive “Fear of Public Speaking.” A question worth asking is… [Read More]

Show#14- “How to Read a Speech Successfully”

Read a Speech? It’s rarely recommended but sometimes it’s necessary. Even seasoned Speakers have difficulty sounding conversational, almost always sounding like they’re reading it rather than saying it or telling it to us, the audience.

If you keep in mind one of my basic Truths: “All Speaking is a Conversation” you will already be mentally prepared to… [Read More]

Show#7. “Words Mean More than What You Say”

Wait a minute…I said that, but I didn’t mean that!

Spoken words mean more than their dictionary definition. The words you say carry your feelings & opinions for the subject you’re Presenting. You must know how your vocal delivery affects your message. And to be absolutely clear, there’s more to the  message you deliver to your audience then the words alone.

Here are 3 points that will affect your message, and may change your original intention into something you really…… [Read More]

Show#3. Comedy & Humor : Not a Laughing Matter

Comedy and Humor is a serious matter for Speakers/

Using Comedy & Humor in your Speaking events & Presentations is often recommended by Trainers, books, and DVD’s. But in today’s globalized environment, this advice carries both assets & liabilities for You the Speaker…. [Read More]