Stutter to Success

Megan Washington speaks with a ‘stutter’ in this TEDx presentation but she sings without the ‘stutter’. Stuttering speech is not uncommon but it does discourage many people from speaking in public or at public events like TED.

There are 3 points I’d like you to take away from this presentation, [Read More]

Read a Speech @ Princeton University

Jeff Bezos of, delivers an address at Princeton University. As you watch him read his speech, let’s watch for several training points that can benefit all of us.

1.  Although he is talking about personal events from his childhood, he delivers his Speech with constant reference to his speech pages on the lectern. Here is a classic example of “Reading a Speech” and illustrates why you should avoid this delivery choice… [Read More]

Show#18- “Speakers, Lecterns & Podiums”

Stand on it? Stand behind it? Find out here~

Speakers frequently have the opportunity to work with Lecterns & Podiums. Each one is a Speakers tool and the proper use can enhance your impact with your audience.

Lecterns & Podiums come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they are often confused as being the same thing or interchangeable… but they’re not.


nu lecternA Speaker typically stands on one, and behind the other. In this Show we’ll take a look at which is which and… … [Read More]

Show#14- “How to Read a Speech Successfully”

Read a Speech? It’s rarely recommended but sometimes it’s necessary. Even seasoned Speakers have difficulty sounding conversational, almost always sounding like they’re reading it rather than saying it or telling it to us, the audience.

If you keep in mind one of my basic Truths: “All Speaking is a Conversation” you will already be mentally prepared to… [Read More]