Show#33- A Recap

Worth a 2nd view~

This recap looks at some of the important techniques and skills we’ve examined in the past year. Competence & Confidence in Public Speaking, and generally, Speaking in Public, is a decision point when Companies are… [Read More]

Show#32- Public Speaking & Hollywood

Hollywood performances and Speaking performances have a lot in common: they’re both ‘performances’. This idea probably scares many would-be Speakers. But the main point to keep in mind is this: Speaking is a learnable skill that many people learn to perform very well.

Hollywood wants an Actor to act like someone else. That takes years and years of study, constant practice, and taking chances to look foolish. On the other hand, Speaking and Presenting to an audience can be skillfully & confidently learned. It still requires learning skills, practice, and taking chances, but it can be learned in a much shorter time for most people.

And remember, you get to be yourself, not a fictitious character in a script. It is an easier challenge to manage and most of my students are very surprised at how good they feel as they become more skillful and more confident. If you want to learn these skills, you can do it. But first, 

Let’s consider some good advice offered by a HollyWood Star. It just might help you become a better Speaker & Presenter. hollywoodsign

I won’t spoil the surprise… you’ll just have to Watch and Discover for yourself the character who offered this smart advice to Speakers. When you’re finished watching, take a look at  Show#19.



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Stage movement @ TED

In this TED video, Johanna Blakley, delivers a Presentation on Women and Social Media. What caught my attention was the inordinate amount of time the video spends focused on her slides instead of on her. Why I wondered?… [Read More]

Show#31- “A Speakers Preparation”

It’s not the software that an audience dislikes…~TjD

A Speakers Presentation Preparation … You know the typical advice: Use this or that software(Powerpoint and/or Keynote are the most common choices) to create your Slides. Be careful of the number of Words per slide, not too many it can be confusing… maybe not text at all, only an image…there’s more,

Oh, yes…and Font size & Color can make a big difference. Then there’s bullet-points: should you use them or not??  … and if you do use them, how many per slide? and what kind of Bullet: star, dot, square? and should it be the same color as the font…or not? Bigger, smaller…It gets pretty crazy after awhile.

Sure, there’s a library of books on amazon, and websites with lots of “free” guidance available on the subject. But still, after all is said-and-done, generally, most Powerpoint shows fail to inspire an audience. Fail to inspire support, fail to make the sale, fail to change opinions.

So, With that in mind, I thought I’d throw this interesting idea into the mix for you to consider:

Instead of preparing your next Presentation as a Presentation,
Prepare it as You would prepare a Speech. Hmmm, interesting idea,
but does it work?

Yes… want to know why & how? Watch this Show.

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